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Have you been slandered by Sherry Andrews? Send your story to:


Click Here For A little about Sherry Andrew's History on the internet

Click here for Sherrys Daily attemp at discrediting others ( I will be updating this page as she provides me with details...)


Click here for Sherry admitting and being caught in some of her lies


Here is Sherry's latest pathetic attempt to defend her poisonous attacks on Linda and Karen, if you look deep inside her website she is still taking backhanded swipes as a justification of her lousy reputation on the internet.She has taken down the slander on her home page again, but she continues to try to degrade and criticize, instead of letting things go as she begs everyone to do.

1-30-08 "The breeders that are making these web pages about me are the breeders that either spay and neuter at 7 weeks old, or have downsized the shihtzu....they don't like me telling YOU the truth, so they have made up some pretty crazy stories..."  :) What truth sherry???Early spay and neuter is an accepted alternative to what you do?? Smaller shih tzus then yours are inferior?? Boy! There must be a lot of inferior shih tzus being born every day to people that have been breeding a lot longer then you. 

I think there is enough evidence straight from Sherry's mouth on this site to clearly expose who is telling the lies. Please read "Confessions" By Sherry herself

Sherry has recently chosen to resume her slanderous attacks on Karen and Linda
Out of the blue she starts in again by publishing insulting remarks about Linda on her web page titles and
posting phoney emails on RipOff.
Gee I thought I was going to have to take this page down because there was nothing going on...WRONG...
Sherry can't leave Linda  alone...she has started in again with her vicious attacks.
So Stay Tuned, MORE coming SOON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sherry's newest rant is that I am attempting to blackmail her for a halt to everything. If asking for an apology and retraction for all her lies is blackmail I am guilty. Read for yourself.

From: Sherry
Date: 1/26/2008 2:01:37 PM
Don't you think it's time for a truce?  I have taken postings about you off my site including links....... if you want this to end, I will continue to keep your name off my site, if you do not, I will put the postings and links back up....time for some healing Linda!

To: Sherry <>
Sent: Saturday, January 26, 2008 4:48:01 PM
Subject: Re:

How will you undo the damage you have done to my reputation for no reason? You had lies posted everywhere about me.


From: Sherry
Date: 1/26/2008 5:38:11 PM
Subject: Re:
I am coming to Detroit in a couple of weeks, do you want to meet me for coffee?


From: "" <>
To: Sherry <>
Sent: Saturday, January 26, 2008 5:49:46 PM
Subject: Re:

I agree all this business is not necessary and I would love to meet you for coffee, or you are more then welcome to come out to my place. The only thing I want is some kind of acknowledgement on your site and wherever else you posted them, from you that those bogus letters about me on your site were not true. It doesn't matter to me how it is worded, but if You will do that I will take my links down and do what I can about the page Lynn put up. You know where all that garbage came from, and only you can get a retraction from whoever wrote it.


From: Sherry
Date: 1/26/2008 5:52:35 PM
Subject: Re:

Are you going to do the same on your site??????  I think we should just end everything.  I am done posting things on my site about this unless I am forced to....this needs to be ended.....the site about me has been going on 4 years, and you said some things about me that are also not true and were very mean.  If we start doing this, then it will just keep going.  I think we should make a statement together, and put the SAME statement  on BOTH of our sites...that will also keep the breeders from attacking.....something just saying we have made peace, are moving on, and there will be no more postings of links from either of us and they we are both moving on. 

From: "" <>
To: Sherry <>
Sent: Saturday, January 26, 2008 6:03:48 PM
Subject: Re:

What did I say about you that was a lie? Nothing. There were flat out lies and phony letters on your site about me, and posted to the ripoff site. and I need you to acknowledge it. I would be more then willing to post something on my site that acknowledges the craziness of all of this. 

Again, she doesn't answer my question

From: Sherry
Date: 1/26/2008 6:08:21 PM
Subject: Re:

FOUR years is what I have had to endure.  This really had nothing to do with should have been worked out with Karen and me but it was magnified big time. Many things on that site were taken out of context about me and here again, if we go into who said  what, who lied, and who distorted it all, nothing will get accomplished...if we pick things apart, nothing will get fixed and  feelings will be hurt all over again...sometimes the way to move on is just that....move on....4 years of damage to me is way more than you have had to deal with Linda.....

From: "" <>
To: Sherry <>
Sent: Saturday, January 26, 2008 6:20:27 PM
Subject: Re:

I don't want to get into who did what either. I just need an acknowledgement of lies about me, posted where it was posted in the first place, I'm sorry if this can't be worked out..I can't and won't do anything until the lies are exposed for what they are... lies. If not,.. it is what it is. The first step in the right direction has to be made AFTER we take responsibility for what we did.

From: Sherry
Date: 1/26/2008 6:08:21 PM
Subject: Re:

So be it.  I will go ahead and put that page back up...and I guess this will all stay as is....

take care now.


I see today Sherry has decided to rant and rave a little more,  name calling, more attacks, all because I didn't agree to give her a pass on her attempt at letting bygones be bygones, Why does she insist I am jealous or am trying to ruin her business? I have been breeding for 30 years, and you don't last that long without a good name. see the link at the top of this page for a little history. There are other REPUTABLE breeders on the net, if I was concerned about competition, which I'm not. I certainly don't need to be jealous of someone that is still trying to establish herself as a breeder.

The following was posted to her site today1-28-08 after I received this on the 26th

I won't fight with you.  I believe things happen for a reason, and I have tried to mend things, just because they cannot be done your way is why it failed.  I wish you well Linda, and hope someday you can bury all of this is not good for anyone...
take care Sherry
I would like to thank all of you wonderful breeders and customers that are so compassionate for what this Michigan breeder is trying to do to me due to her jealousy.  This breeder in michigan who is lying about me needs some help because she breeds the sickly tinies and I expose the truth here on my site about such breeders.   She is trying to destroy me by posting lies all over the net but that shows her lack of intelligence.  These breeders have not hurt me in 4 years in making their nasty sites about me and postings full of lies, so what makes this Michigan breeder think it will work now.  IT WILL NOT...... I will not  give her the satisfaction of putting her name on my awesome site because she does not deserve it, she is low class and has no scruples...............I WILL HOWEVER SUGGEST A MICHIGAN BREEDER IF I HAVE NOTHING FOR YOU SO THAT YOU GET A HEALTHY PUPPY AND NOT ONE FROM THIS EVIL BREEDER IN THE DETROIT AREA... If you have ANY doubts about buying from me, then don't because I do not want to sell to people that would believe such nonsense that unethical breeders write.   I want only smart people with  loving homes for my babies....My customers are EXTREMELY happy......  To NOT buy from me is simply your loss as I am the most honest, loving, and professional breeder you will ever meet...with the MOST healthy dogs anywhere....My customers say it all for me so feel free to read my testimonials from true customers by clicking here!
I am a success and going stronger than ever simply because I have proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that I am not only a nice person, but my faith in God has kept me strong , I live by high ethics and morals , and I love what I do which shows in my aweseome HEALTHY babies...I am going NO WHERE, I AM HERE TO STAY...AND YES, AT THIS SAME WEBSITE AT THIS SAME ADDRESS....I HAVE NO REASON TO CHANGE IT!!!  I am proud of my accomplishments and in my happy families of which many are now friends  I love my babies...and they love me too!
God bless us everyone!!!



" I have literally hundreds of customers"

I am dedicating this page to exposing one hateful "breeder"  because of her written and published attacks  against Karen De Angelo and other breeders over the past 2 years.   Following this intro are several emails that document the slanderous assaults on Karen DeAngelo of Glory Ridge Shih Tzu by Sherry Andrews after she was turned down for a breeding shih tzu by Karen. Form your own opinions of this "breeder" Sherry Andrews....

 Praise God someone is finally taking a stand against this women who has harassed and slandered me for over 2 years.  I have no idea where this hate comes from within a person, but when she put on the Internet that it was my fault for my daughter being severely brain damaged in 1978 in a car accident, I was shocked at the level of inhuman compassion a person could have.  Someone supposedly wrote her a letter blaming me and she published it.   She knew of this accident  because of off my testimony page of how I found my faith after my daughter was injured.  I took care of Chris (inflicted with severe brain damage, quadriplegia and seizures) for 17 years and getting into shih-tzu was a stay at home job I could "escape into" while dealing with this tragic situation.  Yes, my 8 month old Christina wasn't in a car seat in 1978, because few of us had one, as they were just coming out with them.  I read in a baby magazine the safest place in the car to put baby, was in the floor. So strapped in an infant seat she was between my legs on the floor in a pick-up truck. When we crashed, she flew UP into the dash, fracturing her skull in 2 places and the top of her brain hemorrhaged. She was in a coma weeks.  When she awoke my nightmare began. She will be 28 on Jan. 26th. Still the same as she was at age 5. Still quad, still no speech.
 Just so you know how low Sherry will go to hurt me.
There has been MANY MANY times, too numerous to go into her that she has been malicious to me.  BUT WHY? Because I refused to get her started in breeding. She took it personal. It was my policy for many years only to sell pets. So she went on a personal vendetta against me.  She wrote my reference for "dirt" on me. She made up what she couldn't get.  She teamed up with Donna Of Donna's Shih-tzu and Donna sent me a threatening e-mail that they had my DOB and SS# . I have no idea why Donna took up with her against me.
They also found out I am a licensed nurse and put on the internet that I lost my license to drug abuse. Another lie. I have never even smoked pot.
     The kicker was last Christmas (04) when someone sent my husband a  letter with a used condom in it, stating I was having and affair with her husband.  My in-laws were sitting there when I opened it and were appalled that someone would be so low.  It was from S. Pismenot  (Piss Me Not?) post marked in a State I had just traveled into and they knew that because I put it on my site that I was going.
      They tried to black mail me and some other breeders to put on my site they were good breeders or they would get even.  I refused and the others didn't, so here we are.
       She has stole picture off my site and icons. She has slandered my ethics, mocked my faith and continue to try and ruin my business with her defamatory remarks on her site and in letters to my customers who wrote her in protest. By the way, she blocked them and told them I was a witch and they were under my spell. If I were a witch and could cast spells, I would have made her disappear from my life long ago!
       Sherry has accused me of being an animal abuser on her web site, because I have a vet spay and neuter my pups before being sent to their homes .  I could go on and on. Now she has threatened me with a lawyer since I have came forth with the ugly truth.  I tried to be professional about this and ignore her for over 2 years.  Enough is enough. She sent me an apology letter in December promising not to try to harm me anymore and in Jan. she starts again. People need to know how she has been to me, for NO REASON AT ALL. 
Karen DeAngelo

A friend who is appalled...

Date: 06/28/05 08:15:33
To: Karen DeAngelo/Glory Ridge Shih Tzu
Hey Karen, 
I am sorry to bother you but I just had to write. I am on your waiting list for a fall/winter pup, and this morning while cruising the web I came across Sherry Andrews website. Oh my golly, I don't know what the federal regulations are, but I would seriously take action against her. She is slandering you all over her front page. It is vicious. You seem like a very nice person Karen and quite frankly it is very scary the claims she is making. I am sure you are aware of what she is doing but I just had to put my two cents in, honestly the statements she is making against you are way over the top. You should call the police.
Thanks for your time.
Stephanie Mecozzi #438540
Independent Kitchen Consultant
For The Pampered Chef
Tampa, Fl
Van Nortwick Cluster

another friend describes some of the ongoing tactics with Sherry emailing Karen's customers...

From: CAD1109@XXXXX
Date: 09/29/04 08:21:01
Subject: Shih-tzu
Hello, Karen!
I received your e-mail about the woman (Sherry Andrews) who was slandering you on her website.  That reminded me of an e-mail I received several months ago -- A person had written to me and at first glance it appeared they were asking for a reference but the more I read the note, the more it seemed like an opportunity to question your integrity and to try to get some "dirt" on you from me.  They asked questions like were you REALLY that religious; were you REALLY that honest, etc., and then this person stated there was a website devoted to telling people how terrible you are.  I responded as I do other e-mails -- that I was extremely pleased with the quality of Bo, that you were wonderful to deal with, that I had absolutely no problems with the transaction, etc.  I wish I had saved the note or at least forwarded it to you but to be honest, I really didn't think you needed the aggravation.  The note DID annoy me to the point I considered asking you to remove my e-mail address from my letter you have posted and to furnish it only was asked. 
Karen, after viewing the website attacking you, I must say I don't think you have anything to worry about.  I honestly can't believe anyone would take that website seriously after studying it.  The attack I saw on another breeder (not you) was SO immature, unprofessional, and hysterical ... it reminded me of the way 8 year-olds behave on a BAD day!  I don't believe any intelligent person would believe anything they saw written there. 
The reputation of Glory Ridge and customer satisfaction speaks for itself.

Requests asking her to stop the slander and lies...

From: Zigomyheart@XXXXXXX
Date: 09/29/04 20:40:47
Subject:  Sherry Andrews Slander
Dear Mrs. Andrews:
Please stop slandering Karen of Glory Ridge Shih Tzu...Her breeding 
capabilities are superb and her ShihTzu rival any I have seen. I have found her  to be
above reproach in her business ethics and quality of merchandise  (Shih Tzu).
I would recommend her dogs and business practices to anybody looking  for a
wonderful little guy or gal. She is devoted to this breed and it  shows...There
is room for other great Shih Tzu breeders to build their  businesses and deal
honestly with the customers that may come to them...That  kind of practice
will surely bring them repeat business. Let's face  it...breeding dogs is a
business...a business that the one engaging in it must  love to be successful and
produce quality...Karen just cannot stomach poor  quality breeding of our
precious Shih Tzu as this will cause this wonderful  breed to decline in healthy,
happy specimen's and become just a shadow of what  it was meant to be as seen
in some other breeds  unfortunately....

Thank you for reading this email and taking to heart the concerns voiced 
here. I will be praying for you that you will cease speaking falsely regarding 
the person of Karen and Glory Ridge Kennel.

Carole Olson

From: Sara Chang
Date: 01/23/06 15:54:37
Subject: Hi Karen!
 Hi Karen,
 I come and visit your page weekly. I have a Shih Tzu of my own and
adore the Shih Tzus that you breed. Should I ever need a 2nd or 3rd
one, you are the woman. This letter is not to talk about my Shih Tzu
but I just wanted to tell you that I also check Sherry's page too. I
was absolutely shocked when I saw the things that she was writing
about you. I just read what you wrote about Sherry and I am so
thankful that you handled the situation like an adult. For the longest
time, I jumped back and forth between your Shih Tzus and Sherry's, as
they are all beautiful. But now that I see how Sherry has attacked you
and how you handled it, it definitely makes ME feel more comfortable
to work with you because should anything happen (if I decide to get a
2nd or 3rd Shih Tzu), I know that you will provide assistance and
handle any problems like an adult. I found your page from a woman who
owns two of the Shih Tzus that you have bred and I think they are just
so adorable! Even as growing adults, they continue to look precious.
If you want to see the two Shih Tzus that I am talking about, just
click on the link provided and it will lead to you their dogster page.
 This is one of your cream colored puppies, whose name is now Sophie.
 This one is Sophie's sister, Mollie.
 Thank you for making the decision easy on me! I know now who I can go
with! Dog breeding in itself is as much a customer service industry as
it is a breeding industry. One can tell the type of service one will
receive by looking at how the "owner/breeder" handles rough and
unexpected situations. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!
 Best Regards,

Here is the story of another breeder that Sherry has attacked.

From: elonda womack
To: lynXXXXX
Sent: Saturday, January 21, 2006 11:19 AM
Subject: Sherry Andrews
Hi, my name is Elonda Womack, I too have been attacked by Sherry Andrews. In October I purchased a 7 month old shih tzu from one of Sherry's so called friends, Jenna Ehnstrom of Majestic Acres Shih Tzu, for breeding purposes.
 When the puppy arrived I knew right away she was not healthy and her bite was horrible, so I made an appointment with my vet, who did a blood workup on her and found her to have a problem, at first all signs were pointing to a liver shunt, but later on that was ruled out. I had 2 blood work ups on this dog in a 14 day time period and both were not normal, so my vet deemed her unhealthy and definitely unfit for breeding.
 I contacted the breeder who was very uncooperative and tried every way to dodge making the sale good, it was then she chose to get Sherry involved. Sherry contacted me and wanted me to meet her halfway from my home to hers so she could pick the dog up and give her to Jenna (the breeder, who lives in another state) I first told her that I would do that to get it solved, but after thinking overnight about it, I decided it was not in my best interest to do that, so I called Sherry the next morning and told her that her picking the dog up would not be an option, the only way this dog was going back to the breeder was by plane.
Within minutes of that phone call I began receiving very nasty emails from Sherry attacking my character. She has put many erroneous and vicious things about me all over the net. The funny thing is when I shipped the dog back to the breeder I could not get in touch with her to let her know the flight had been changed so I thought since Sherry knew her, she would other means to get in touch with her, but when I called her she informed me I would have to call another friend to get her number that she did not know her.
 I would not think someone would go to the extremes that she went thru to protect someone they did not know, but after reading the many things she has done to Karen DeAngelo who lives her life as a Christian and breeds and sells gorgeous little fur babies, I thought this person is capable of doing anything. This woman needs to be stopped before she hurts anyone else. There have been many others that she has done this to. 

another breeder describes her dealings with Sherry...OMG

Recently I got a phone call from a lady who needed to place her adult female shih tzu and I posted it on my site stating I was helping someone local..  VERY QUICKLY Sherry Andrews saw her there, and contacted the owner through the information I had on my site.-.went and got the dog from the lady ,and slapped it up on her site as her "new girl"!!!!! For someone who professes to do such research on the dogs she buys, I didn't see it mentioned on her site, that a "black and white female" came out of our local newspaper and Sherry didn't even have a pedigree to look at when she bought her, (very cheap, as the woman just needed to place her quick is what she told me. PHONY BULLSHIT ARTIST!  But I had already lost any respect for Sherry that I ever had after I sold her a puppy with full breeding rights, and after one litter, Sherry had her up for sale on her site. Not even bothering to let me know she was doing it. I called and reminded her that she had agreed not to sell her unless she gave me first option of taking her back.. She said she was "going" to....When? After she passed her on to one of her croanie's?? Well to make a long story short, Sherry had my sweet baby for 9 months, bred her, sold the puppies, and told me if I wanted her back, I could give her what she paid in the first place..
So SHE bred my half grown small baby girl, pocketed the money for a litter, and I got her back hyper, not housetrained, and full of coccidia, which immediately spread to the rest of my Tzu's!...
This woman in my opinion is nothing but a trouble making money grabbing hypocrite...Buyer Beware!
Signed: Linda Balogh

It has come to my attention that Sherry Andrews is claiming the dog "Millie" on her site is not the same dog she bought off of my website. Since I cannot prove it is, I will retract what I said in my original post and state the facts that I can prove. Sherry bought a black and white female off of my site that I had posted for a local woman here in the Detroit area that needed to sell her "pet". Sherry saw no pedigree and immediately (the next day) posted her picture on her website proclaiming her as her new "girl"., which is not an awful thing to do in itself, IF YOU DO NOT CLAIM TO DO EXTENSIVE RESEARCH ON YOUR BREEDING ADULTS! Thats a big fat lie, to try and convince the public she is something she is not!!
Sherry didn't know anything about that black and white female when she bought her for breeding, and certainly didn't have time to screen for health issues or anything else before the next day when she went up on her site, it appears to me the extensive research on that female was to ask directions to pick her up and how much she cost!

Another breeder who has been a victim of Sherry ...once again, Sherry follows her pattern of dealing with any conflict and that is to attack with slander, and try to "smear" the person on the net. If that were not enough, she then emails the "victim" to taunt them and to laugh. Form your own opinion of this "breeder" who professes to be Christian and proclaims "God bless Us All" after her slanderous statements, and "Have a Nice Life" after her taunting emails to her victims... what a hypocrit.

From: Maria
Sent: Thursday, February 02, 2006 5:27 AM
Subject: Sherry Andrews
Hi there,
I am writing because I too have also been a victim of Sherry Andrews. About two years ago while breeding Shih-Tzu's, I sold a puppy to someone in Richmond, New York (I am also from Upstate New York), who convinced me it was for her daughter, who had only one cat and loved the puppy I had posted on my website. They seemed very nice people when I met them to deliver their puppy. After talking numerous times over the phone, she expressed interest when I let her know that I was retiring out of breeding the tzu's and was trying to place two of my adult females. In the meantime, I had a beautiful gold female puppy she also wanted to buy. I let her know that they were to go to non-breeding homes only, and she agreed. We agreed to meet in Syracuse New York at
the airport to avoid my driving 4 hours to her place, and she never showed up. I was there at nine in the morning, but she wasn't. When I called her at home, she was still in bed.....she claimed we were "supposed" to meet at nine o clock at night. To make a long story short, I left the puppy at my good friends home and told Rose that the puppy would be there, at a GOOD friends home. That apparently inconvenienced this mother and daughter con team, plus the fact that I changed my mind on the adult female because my husband was attached to her, and that is when everything started.
Not too long after, I get a phone call from a woman in Alabama, who I ultimately made friends with, making me aware of the page dedicated to me as a puppy miller. I NEVER heard of this Sherry Andrew before this. What must have happened is that this mother daughter con team were friends with Sherry. Sherry went so far as to call me a puppy miller, saying I had dead and diseased dogs and puppies, and mentioned my name in and I asked Sherry to remove the material, very similar to the slander pages dedicated to Karen D'Angelo, and she wrote back that she will write as she pleases, since it is her site.
In my opinion this Sherry Andrews is a severely disturbed individual who should relearn the basic golden unto others as you would have them do unto you.
Sherry's version? Do unto others before they do unto you because I want to.
A really disturbed person if you ask me, that should be held accountable for her words.
Specializing in Maltese and Teacup Yorkies
(315) 686 4081

Please note, that any email quotes that are posted on this page that are attributed to Sherry Andrews came to me with the full header and return pathway along with the original message and originating IP address tracing it directly back to Sherry Andrews.
Here are two taunting emails that Sherry sent to this breeder after she was asked to remove the slander Oct2, 2004. 

At least have the guts to confront me personally rather than in HIDING, like with fake email addys, so sad, you are one of THOSE breeders !!! But thats ok, the bb site is going BACK up, oh, you just might want to check my, just wanted you to be one of the FIRST to know...don't bother to reply, I have BLOCKED you !
have a nice life
I just want you to know that from this day on, I will NOT be visiting your site again. Post all you want about me, use my picture as you wish, it no longer matters to me. I have told my attorney to not send you a letter and I will not purue suing you although I would win!!! It is a waste of time to deal with such low class and low intelligence as you. I no longer will put trash on my site about you because you are NOT worth the time or energy. I get over 150 hits on my site a day, and when people want to know about good or bad breeders, I will tell them the TRUTH !!! SO do what you want Maria, many TOP breeders are laughing their butts off at your childish and wicked ways. So have fun looking a stupid as you are !!! and good luck trying to trash me, it will NEVER happen as my people know that you are the sick person, and please DO get help Maria, you really need counseling. Do not write back, I have blocked you and will NOT read an email from you !!!
have a nice life

"good luck trying to trash me"

Here are more Sherry slanderous email quotes announcing her smear campaign for Maria...

From: Sherry Andrews "...once you are in ripoff, its there for life. Maria is next, I am going to ripoff to tell the world about her, she wants to be mean then so be it. I have people that have emailed me about her, I will tell them to share their story about her please DO tell Maria, that she will be very popular too, on the ripoffreport !!!!!!!!!!!!!"
have a nice life



"I am going to ripoff to tell the world about her"


From: Sherry Andrews " You two obviously want a fight, ok by me.  I will make sites all over the internet, along with about 25 people that are willing to do the same.  I will do as you do, and be very ugly about all of this.  I took down the bb site in good faith, you have not been fair.  SOOO guess we will fight  as long as you wish, it only helps me anyway because of your bad reputations and since my reputation is flawless, I could not careless. Since you want this to continue in a bad light, I will most defintely contact you when ALL of the sites are completed.  You will enjoy them I am sure.  I will also send people to the ripoff report, and there, you will also see the stories of the both of you.  Have a nice day ! "
"my reputation is flawless"

More Judge and Jury Sherry Quotes about Maria...

"Marie is trash as far as I am concerned, she is very close to being a mill."

"GOOD people of course can send in a response, but
these two are the scum of the earth, and I am told I have MORE letters coming in on Maria, make sure you tell her that she TOO, she will also be on the top of the list at ripoffreport"

"Marie should not be talking, her dogs are sickly looking and she does it for the money and not the love...."


"the people that CHOSE to make up LIES about me will pay.....its BS and MARIA is a major contributor to the problems. She has NO idea how to breed, what to breed, and her reputation stinks.  She is in the category with yours truly from Vegas. I posted that letter about her on my site, because she won't quit, now I get almost 900 hits on my site a week, and people DO believe in me.....she is a bitch and a horrible breeder, that is my opinion, and I am sticking with it, her BROTHER the attorney can come to MICHIGAN to sue me, I will NOT stop."


I do not make up fake emails to publish to this page. All remarks attributed to Sherry have been taken from original emails written by her with return headers/pathways to her personal computer.

Can't believe that anyone would talk to another person like some of the posted emails here on this page? "Need to see the Proof ?" Click here to view Sherry's emails with headers and return pathways...


"I will NOT stop"

The following email and reply by Sherry Andrews was sent to me by one of Karen's customers.  I think it illustrates perfectly what is being said about Sherry Andrews on this page. She sent Karen DeAngelo a written apology at Christmas time (2005) and promised to stop the slander. In my opinion, .the letter of apology was as phony as she is, she barely went a week before she was slandering Karen again on her website and on the "Bad Breeder" site that she created. Recently she is professing to have stopped the slander and taken down the "Bad Breeders" page. But look how she answers this person who emailed her...the reply is once again full of slander and lies that she cannot back up with real names because she made it all up. Furthermore, she is STILL slamming Karen except now she is doing it quietly to Karen's customers in emails  instead of on her website. Read the following carefully ...........

From: Heather
Sent: Wednesday, January 25, 2006 6:09 PM
I read about you on the shih tzu bulliten board on yahoo and was shocked. I bought a shih tzu puppy from Karen DeAngelo two years ago and he was fixed before I got him. he does not have any problems with going pee like you state. I think that what you say about Karen DeAngelo is out of jealousy and I wonder why you portray yourself in that manner. No one cares what you think , don't you realize that. I see that you spend alot of time and energy attacking her and others by what has been written. I am especially disgusted that you would say anything bad about Glory Ridge they have the best shih tzu out there.

----- Original Message -----
To: Heather
Sent: Wednesday, January 25, 2006 6:29 PM
Sorry hon, but you are incorrect, I have received many of Karens customers (untrue) complaining about how she treats her animals and her customers, ( slander) I also have proof   (lie/untrue) as to peoples dogs that were spayed and neutered by Karen and now have major problems (slander), I am glad your dog is fine, but this does happen.  Karen does not have the best, just last year she had dogs with renal displasia (attack to discredit) and I can give you the families name because he contacted me, his first name is Tony, ask Karen, I have emails from him if you want to see them ( slander) click here for what he really said.... so do get all of your information correct before you send emails like this one, and get educated also (insult)...she is a puppy mill ( slander and NOT what she says about Karen's beautiful dogs in her apology! click here ...good luck to you and I am truly glad your dog is healthy, many of Karens are not...(slander... then why did you want one so badly???)
 Sherry Andrews                                

 She waited a few minutes and then sent Heather a second email with more lies and attacks against Karen...see second email below.

Hi Heather,
You really need to know both sides of any story before you attack.  There are things that you don't know, and things they are all lying about (we are providing proof of your lies and contradictions, you are NOT), but it just doesn't matter.  If you see, I have taken everything down from my site, (she is slamming Karen behind her back now in this very email) and if you also read that I sent an appology to Karen at Christmas, she is the one that is not christian (personal attack) and has made fun of a sincere effort to stop this hatred ( slander, Karen never made fun of anything), I know myself that when someone appologizes to me, I almost always accept it ( But she still stabs Karen in the back).  I also do know  who sent Karen that condom and that letter (a breeder by the name of Donna Thompson from California, Sherry's best friend) , and if necessary, that evidence will be supeoned and it will prove where it came from and who sent it, the person is in California and she did tell me what she was planning when she did it, got that proof also. (she can't keep track of her lies, she says she knew nothing of it in her online confession and cell phone call to Karen) click here
So do find out both sides, you know very well that things can look worse than they are, and its time for this to all end, I tried to make peace (her phoney apology that meant nothing--click here), thats all I can do...take care now and I truly am glad your shihtzu is healthy
            Sherry Andrews

If you are thinking of getting a puppy from her, read this first. Are you up to the trauma, and are you willing to buy from a dictator????? This email is from a person who was sincere in her desire to buy a puppy (from Sherry Andrews of Shershihtzus) and give it a good home. Once again. Sherry is the self appointed judge and jury of all.

From: Carol Christopher
Subject: My dealing with Sherry Andrews
Date: Sun, 22 Jan 2006 15:36:45 +0000
 ** This is my letter about what Sherry put me through**
  Last year I was looking for a Shih Tzu puppy and Of course I seen Karen De Angelo's Glory Ridge website and immediately sent her a $25.00 deposit. Then I started back at work and lost contact with Karen.
    So I searched online again for a puppy and seen Sherry Andrews web-page she made everything seem so great on there. I then filled out that EXTENSIVE online application. The last I seen someone was complaining that she is asking EMBARRASING questions and that it was too long! lol I thought I was adopting a human BABY. Then she wanted to see pictures of me and my family so she can know whose she selling too.
    So at any rate she was really pushy and said that I need to keep in contact with her every week to month to make sure that I indeed wanted a puppy if NOT then she would TAKE me off her waiting list!
    So I contacted her about a little boy on her page named Andy and she asked if I wanted him and I said yes. I was still secretly looking at Karen's Page there was just something about GR. I sent Sherry the money for the puppy 1060.00 which included 260.00 for SHIPPING and he was 800.00.
    Then I began questioning her about the ONLY food that she MAKES you buy if you get one of her puppies. The food is NOT a puppy food but food for dogs of ALL ages. I DID not feel comfortable buying RICH food for a tiny puppy. She sent me an email back saying" On the questionnaire you SAID YOU would buy that food!" The food is like 40.00 a bag for a 20 pound bag. It's not a matter of the expense but I am also a mom too and I want to be able to either get to have a SECOND choice. The food  is extremely expensive and to boot she is an INDEPENDENT SELLER of that food so she is making a PROFIT by selling that food. So of course it's the only food she RECOMMENDS because she makes MONEY selling it!
   The next thing I know she starts on a RAMPAGE saying if I can't buy "GOOD" food then I can't AFFORD vet care! etc... I was pissed off and she said she wasn't sure if I should be buying a dog from her. We have LOTS of good foods but shouldn't we make the choices or should we let some control FREAK tell us that this is the ONLY food that you should buy! Now I had everything ready for him from his carrier bag down to his wee wee pads. I live in a city that has over 500,000 people so we have Vets EVERYWHERE! We have a excellent vet whose been a vet for 30 years and has passed the business to his son!
   So I told her in a very LONG email that she should be ashamed of herself for canceling a puppy from someone who would give that puppy unconditional LOVE, a person who DOES work and who has a GOOD job that puppy would have had the world. At any rate I told her if she felt like that to send me back my money! I was questioning myself and said any puppy who lives here would have a wonderful life and who is she to judge or say what kind of person I am??
   The next thing I know she put that incident on there in her questionnaire page saying "that she just canceled a full paid order because I wasn't being totally honest about buying that food that she is selling!"  I was so embarrassed and OUTRAGED! Sherry Andrews is a CONTROL freak and if things don't go her way then it's the highway! She kept that incident on there for a long time. She did send me a check for the full amount of $1,060.00 BUT the humiliation and the controlling factor of her still haunts me to this day.
    I contacted Karen De Angelo at GR and not only adopted ONE baby but also got TWO babies! Cappucino and Valentine! They are the most GORGEOUS babies I have ever seen! Not bad for someone who COULDN'T afford Vet care I have 2 GR babies!
    I was NEVER ever humiliated Karen treated me WITH RESPECT and DIGNITY. I am glad to call her one of my FAMILY members. Her application wasn't long and DEMANDING she told you what foods to feed your babies BUT you can buy it ANYWHERE and at ANYTIME! Karen also gives you a CHOICE when they get older.
   I work for the school district and am a 10 month employee so every now and then money does get tight but I am only human. One thing you can be sure of is my babies my human and fur babies will have the BEST of everything!!
    Karen is TOP NOTCH as a matter of fact I have my babies on and have met OTHER GR dogs by accident and they have NOTHING but POSITIVE things to say. Can Sherry say that? NOTTTTT! If you go to you can see the continually saga of Sherry Andrews!
   Sherry Andrews is a control freak, unhappy and one of the MOST slandering individuals I have ever SEEN in my life. Her puppies and dogs are the worst I have ever seen. Yes I ALMOST got one but GOD stepped in and ENDED that NIGHTMARE he always KNOWS what's best!.
I am glad to FINALLY see a page about Sherry Andrews on here it's about damn time! Her time will come and you can use my name in it's entirety!! Keep up the great work and keep on exposing this devil!!
Carol Christopher

Anthony XXXXX
Date: 12/23/04 09:12:25
To: Karen DeAngelo/Glory Ridge
Subject: Re: Sherry
i told sherry my story.. she went to far and i told her i want nothing to do with this.  we have made an agreement.  you have made a fair gesture to resolve our differences.  i want nothing to do with sherry and i will post a updated message on ripoff report stating you have done everything you can to help myself and my wife through this difficult time. I am not here to distroy your reputation.  I will fix the problem.  sherry put words in my mouth.

"sherry put words in my mouth."

All statements in quotation marks are exact quotes from Sherry Andrews . .
All statements in red are my translation of her slanderous remarks and are my opinion.

1-29-06:"I will gladly sell some of my awesome dogs to a breeder as my dogs are of superior quality, health and temperament, but no offspring will ever be put in the  puppy mill of Karen DeAngelo, nor will any of my pups go under her knife to cut the guts out of a 7 week old female." MY OPINION: The 20 year breeder Karen DeAngelo refused to sell her a breeding dog to improve her novice breeding program so she is now attacking her professionally and calling her a puppy mill.... oh and telling people she "cuts the guts out" is to impress upon you that she is hummm like a butcher you know?

04/30/04 09:40:54 " You have great dogs Karen, but you should really TRY to be a tad bit more compassionate.  I have always wanted one of your dogs to breed, probably many have..." MY OPINION: She can't decide if Karen has great dogs or she is a puppy mill, ... nevertheless, she wants one of her dogs.

January 20, 2006....."..HA......and anyone that tears out the guts of a 7 week old pups is sick, as Karen is and obviously you are one of her followers.  Karen is all over those bad sites like many breeders are. Those sites allow people to pose as people that that are not...and to use fake names and fake email addys mostly yahoo and hotmail well thats cyberspace.".....
MY OPINION: Sherry cannot make her point without inserting visually disturbing descriptions (tears the guts out) because she has no point to make...she goes for shock value and name calling to communicate in any disagreement that she has.

1-29-06:"The same goes with Elonda Womack, who takes her unwanted pups to shelters and has them killed,  instead of finding them homes.  This is a proven fact..." MY OPINION: Elonda pissed her off so now she is on her slander list too.....again, here is Sherry going for shock value and disturbing descriptions that are untrue and that she cannot prove in her efforts to slander another breeder.

1-29-06:"there is no way any of my babies will ever get into harms way of these two very unethical, unchristian, and dishonest breeders that have made up incredibly funny and untrue stories about me..."  MY OPINION: They didn't give  me what I wanted when I wanted it, so they must be what I say they are because I am  the judge and jury of all...I am surprised that you find these stories incredibly funny, most people do not.

"My dogs, my customers, and my great reputation speaks for itself and there is nothing like my  great honest references versus the ugliness that can come from fake emails and fake letters posted here in cyberspace by Karen and Elonda."MY OPINION: I will be glad to forward any ONE email with full headers of any quoted statement on this page to whoever wants to request to see this to prove that none of the emails on this page have been faked.

"..don't forget to ask for many references from the breeder you choose, and hopefully you won't get the unethical ones like Karen DeAngelo, and Elonda Womack which by the way has never had a litter....HA HA..." MY OPINION: Sherry has a hard time focusing on any one subject and  like to throw in a little slander or cut in whenever she can...after all, to discredit another makes her a bigger person in your eyes doesn't it?!

"Linda Balogh also accused me of posting this above letter and writing it myself, guess thats what she is used to  "  MY OPINION: If I post slander by an anonymous writer and refuse to provide proof, how dare anyone possibly think I may have invented it myself even if I do put it on my opening page of my my own defense.

" I cancelled the sale of the dog to  Carol because she could not afford vet care, food, had no car, and I felt was not financially able to care for the puppy, she wanted to feed my pups cheap food... I tried to explain the importance of good food to her,I spoke to deaf ears.." MY OPINION: It sounds like Sherry required Carol to buy her expensive puppy food and when Carol stated financial concerns, Sherry cancelled her puppy. (Carol bought TWO Glory Ridge  puppies and is ecstatic with her decision and her puppies.) click here

 "The more interest you show, the more likely you will be chosen to adopt one of my babies."
MY OPINION: she will judge you and if you don't measure up and beg enough for one of her puppies, then by George you don't deserve to be chosen to receive one. 

1-29-06: "I have been asked to mentor certain people and have decided I will now do so to keep this awesome breed up to standards and to help new breeders learn the value of being ethical and honest." MY OPINION:  Egoism is Self-Respect gone wild. 

1-29-06:"These dolls are almost all grown up now, this is what high ethics and morals produce !" MY OPINION: Egoism is Self-Respect gone wild. 

"I am not responsible for quotes or emails that I may use on my site sent to me by others, but I do reserve the right to state my opinion as free speech per internet law." MY OPINION: she takes no responsibility for smut and slander that she posts on her site against someone she is currently mad at, she is claiming her right to do this... so if it is not even true it is still not her fault because she only posted it and that makes her innocent right? OMG

"I soon realized that Karen also has one of the bad vets that do this.  I posted things, negative things about this and about Karens lack of ethics on my website." MY OPINION: None needed, she says it all exactly like she did it.  (Posted on her Bad Breeder website that she used to showcase attacks on other breeders)

"Last year sometime, a breeder by the name of Donna Thompson from California went on a rampage about Karen also.  She and I became friends due to our anger at the things Karen does." MY OPINION: It was getting lonely being the Slander Star so she looked around for a buddy who was as evil as she was and I found a soul mate friend Donna.

"Donna fought with Karen and  Donna at that time,  decided then that she wanted to get Karen back and to get even with her.  Donna first asked me to promise to keep what she was about to do private, and I did.  I then heard the unbelievable, Donna told me she had sent Karen a condom, and a letter about her nursing license being suspended and her husband having an affair.  Donna is a licenced investigator in the state of California and although  I did not like it, I knew Donna was going to get even with Karen. " From Sherry's "Confession.".. posted on her Bad Breeder Site.

"I did not want to break my promise to Donna, but this has gotten out of hand, and this is a very sick thing to do, and I had no part of this." MY OPINION: she pretended to not know anything about it because that way she could plead innocent and not be involved. 

"Yes, I talked about Karens ways on my site, and yes, I totally disagree with her breeding tactics as I feel she has no morals, integrity, or ethics,"...MY OPINION: Like I said, she is the Judge and Jury of all...if she disagrees with what you do she will smear you all over the net.

"I can sleep at night, and truly tried to end this breeder war, but Karen has slandered me, and is now the best buddy of Elonda Womack who is being investigated by not only the police due to her threats, but the American Express Company for the fraud she has done." MY OPINION: Not only will she slander Karen but anyone who comes to her defense...and she will make up whatever it takes to create doubt and imply they are dishonest including being involved in illegal activity.

"I am glad this is all out in the open, and it does not matter one bit what is posted about me anywhere here on the net. " MY OPINION:  The only thing being posted about you is the exact statements coming out of you.  If you want this exposure to stop, then quit putting it (slander and libel) out there.

"I have the constitutional right to state my opinion and to name anyone to warn the public as far as a person that I know is either dishonest, acts illegally, or has broken the code of ethics for being a moral and decent breeder.  I reserve the right to state my opinion, this is my site and therefore I am entitled to put any and all incidents on my site." MY OPINION: Since this is her cyberspace and she is the judge and jury of all, she will say whatever she wants about anyone that pisses her off and she will decide if they have broken the INTERNATIONAL CODE OF ETHICS as described by her which includes any practice she happens to not agree with...This statement from Sherry is posted on her home page of her website at the bottom.

  "This breeder war  is  happening because I posted the truth about Karen DeaAngelo on my website.  Karen does spay and neuter at 7 weeks old which is wrong in my opinion and in the opinion of 22 vets and universities, including Micighan State, and Purdue University.  Linda and Karen are old friends, so they decided to try to runin me, sorry ladies, it won't happen !"
: First of all Sherry, this is NOT a breeder war that is happening.  Here are the facts: no where has anyone degraded the quality of your dogs, no where has anyone attacked your home facility for breeding dogs to sell to the public, no where has anyone attacked your breeding practices...All of these elements are present in a Breeding War, which this is NOT. Granted, YOU have attacked the quality of several breeders dogs, and YOU have attacked other breeders kennel facilities, and YOU have attacked other breeders breeding practices, but your one sided attacks on other breeders does not make a breeders war. It just makes you a trouble maker.  BTW, your opinion on early spay and neuter has no backbone behind it other than your undocumented claims. I cannot believe that you would cite your phone calls to 22 vets as your backing for your opinionated statements that you state as facts, which they are not. On the other hand, early spay and neuter practices are supported by many top authorities in the canine world...and these are DOCUMENTED

  2-14-06: "The breeders that I mention, are in my opinion not good breeders, I have a right to my opinion and I never lied, but they have made up stories, falsified emails, and are evil.  I guess I could do the same, and end up with the same site that they have, but the letters posted here will be true, and not made up."
MY OPINION:  All emails posted here can be backed up with a real person behind it that actually posted it, and EVERY quote here from your "poison keyboard" can be documented with a return pathway and full headers from your personal computer.

2-14-06: "Karen does keep her dogs in tiny rabbit pens, this is also wrong , I do not believe in keeping dogs locked up in a tiny cage like that." MY OPINION: Glory Ridge Shih Tzu is a clean, sanitary, professionally equipped kennel and is licensed with the Missouri Dept. of Agriculture. Her kennel is inspected regularly by a competent inspector. She does not keep her kennel inside her house, because not only is it unsanitary, but it is not compliant with state laws pertaining to breeding kennels where you are breeding and selling puppies... ARE YOU in compliance with your state laws???? She has never kept any of her dogs in rabbit pens and to state that she does is untrue and libelous.

2-14-06:"My  name is Sherry, and I am a home breeder in Southern Michigan.  Most of you want to know where I am exactly, and as far as driving which I do a lot of, I am one hour south of Kalamazoo, or 90 minutes west of Jackson, one hour north of Fort Wayne Indiana, and 3 hours east of Chicago."
 MY OPINION: Where do you really live and have your kennel??? At last count from your web site I counted 13 females and two studs with a 3rd on the way. That is 15 dogs with another one coming.  What is really alarming is that the city of Kalamazoo only allows you to have THREE dogs, otherwise you are a commercial kennel and that means you have to abide by the laws. You know, laws about how you house your dogs (not in the house) and laws about inspections, and licenses etc...Now I know that your husband's name is Robert...and then I found this you Sherry???

ROBERT G ANDREWS Born  Aug 1948     More Information on ROBERT G ANDREWS
     Verify with utility companies if this listing is current

SHERRY L ANDREWS Born  Jun 1952     More Information on SHERRY L ANDREWS
     Verify with utility companies if this listing is current  -  Background Check

2-18-06: MY OPINION: I called Animal Control for the city of Kalamazoo, and I was told that
NO dogs are licensed with the city of Kalamazoo for this address and name.... Of course if your dogs were licensed with the city,... then they would know how many you had,... and then they would classify you like a pet shop or a commercial breeder...... 

"It shall be unlawful to own, possess, shelter, keep, harbor or permit to remain on or in a dwelling unit as that term is deemed in the City of Kalamazoo Zoning Ordinance (Appendix A of the Kalamazoo City Code) or on the surrounding lot or premises within the city more than three (3) dogs at any one time unless said owner or owners obtains a kennel license pursuant to state law, except that the owner of a female dog which has given birth to puppies may keep the dog and puppies for a period not to exceed three (3) months from the date of birth of the litter. This limitation shall not apply to a veterinarian or a licensed commercial pet shop."
"For the purposes of this act, a kennel shall be construed as an establishment wherein or whereon 3 or more dogs are confined and kept for sale, boarding, breeding or training purposes, for remuneration, and a kennel facility shall be so constructed as to prevent the public or stray dogs from obtaining entrance thereto and gaining contact with dogs lodged in the kennel. Any person who keeps or operates a kennel may, in lieu of individual license required under this act, apply to the county treasurer for a kennel license entitling him to keep or operate a kennel. Proof of vaccination of dogs against rabies shall not be required with the application. The license shall be issued by the county treasurer on a form prepared and supplied by the director of the department of agriculture, and shall entitle the licensee to keep any number of dogs 6 months old or over not at any time exceeding a certain number to be specified in the license. The fee to be paid for a kennel license shall be $10.00 for 10 dogs or less, and $25.00 for more than 10 dogs. A fee of double the original license fee shall be charged for each previously licensed kennel, whose kennel license is applied for after June 1. With each kennel license the county treasurer shall issue a number of metal tags equal to the number of dogs authorized to be kept in the kennel. All the tags shall bear the name of the county issuing it, the number of the kennel license, and shall be readily distinguishable from the individual license tags for the same year."

 GoogleMap.jpg (83081 bytes)            SatelitePhoto.jpg (101339 bytes)      ZillowView.jpg (52679 bytes)

Does a breeder  have hernias REPAIRED? If so, WHAT anesthesia does the vet use if it is so "lethal" as she claims.
 Shouldn't a breeder KNOW the USDA LAWS for SHIPPING LIVE Animals, SUCH AS IT IS illegal TO SEDATE PUPS? Then WHY would Sherry state on her website that Karen DeAngelo drugs her puppies? Because she seeks to discredit and malign her.
 Does a breeder have ANY PROFESSIONAL BREEDERS EDUCATION CREDIT HOURS to her credit? If she has none, then why would she attack another breeder who's practices differ from hers? Because she is ignorant, and she seeks to discredit and malign her.

Does a breeder KEEP UP with the LATEST articles on CANINE ADVANCES in DOG FANCY, DOG WORLD, and AKC GAZETTE?  WHY does she quote OLD theories when NEW ones are readily available (such as her OLD March 2005 article on early sterilization, when a NEW research release was published FEB. 2006).?
  Does a breeder think the laminate floors in her dog room will hold up with dog urine? I had a friend have to rip out her entire house when she was ordered to do so by the State inspector because it was "unsanitary" and harbored disease.  The floor was ONE year old! But then if your home breeding kennel is not inspected, then this is not an issue.

Air purification is essential to good kennel operations. Does a breeder operate in her home. Do they SMOKE? Pups exposed to second hand smoke could be undesirable. Not to mention high humidity and ammonia pollution from urine. Stud dogs "mark territory" and she doesn't believe in confinement, so are these studs confined or free to urinate all they want all over the house.?
 Are a breeders stud's DNA'd by AKC?  If they are unconfined and "free", how does she know WHO breeds WHO?

  She complains about Continental Airlines "RULES" that pups are NOT allowed out of the crate on a flight. These are the RULES for EVERYONE. WHY does she think she is DIFFERENT?

 If a breeders dogs have such fabulous pedigrees, how come she never puts it on her website for all to see.?

Why is a breeder hiding behind a Post Office Box in Burr Oaks when they have lived in Kalamazoo the whole time they have been breeding shih tzu.?
It is my opinion
that  puppy "happy talk"  is worthless to anyone purchasing a pup. A breeder who gives a post office box address is untraceable...uses a cell phone which is an unlisted number...If the county and the city have no business license for a breeder, and the breeder is NOT licensed by the State AG. the breeder answers to no one. 

 If someone is running an unlicensed kennel without inspections how can you even be sure the papers on their puppies are even accurate? No one would be checking the DNA of the studs. How can you have 15+ dogs in your house and not license them with the city????? By selling dogs online with a PO box from another town a breeder  hides from city and state officials. 

"I was willing to bury everything and have a fresh start, but do they really think I will sit back and let them lie, nope, sorry,  not going to then there is Elonda Womack, I have info on her too, and yes, I will help bring any breeder to light that is wrong.  To lie is a sin, and to swear  like Linda does, shame on you.  Looks like your temper got the best of you both...Linda and a nice day, I know I will !" Sherry Andrews

2-16-06: "I will in no way screw you or take advantage of you in any way..."~Sherry Andrews home page
v. screwed, screw·ing,
screws  Slang-
To take advantage of; cheat: screwed me out of the most lucrative sales territory

"I have the constitutional right to state my opinion and to name anyone to warn the public as far as a person that I know is either dishonest, acts illegally, or has broken the code of ethics for being a moral and decent breeder" ~Sherry Andrews home page

Illegal \Il*le"gal\, a. [Pref. il- not + legal: cf. F. ill['e]gal.]
Not according to, or authorized by, law; specif., contrary to, or in violation of, human law; unlawful; illicit; hence, immoral; as, an illegal act (like not registering your dogs and paying licensing fees); illegal trade (acting as a commercial breeder selling dogs without following state laws); illegal love. --Bp. Burnet. Source: Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary (1913)

..." this is what high ethics and morals produce"
~Sherry Andrews

Ethics--conforming to the accepted professional standards of conduct-NOT Sherry

mor·al (môr'əl, mŏr'-) morals Rules or habits of conduct, especially of sexual conduct, with reference to standards of right and wrong: a person of loose morals; a decline in the public morals-
NOT Relevant 

Thought For the Day

Egoism is Self-Respect gone wild.

Sherry Andrews new website is started using Hillcrest Bar and Grill for the registration...

Sherry Andrews new website is started using Hillcrest Bar and Grill for the registration...

Domain Name..........
Creation Date.. 2006-02-15
  Registration Date.... 2006-02-15
  Expiry Date.......... 2007-02-15
  Organization Name.... Hillcrest Bar and Grill
  Organisation Address. 235 n. third st.
  Organisation Address.
  Organisation Address. Burr Oak
  Organisation Address. 49091
  Organisation Address. MI
  Organisation Address. UNITED STATES
Admin Name........... Hillcrest Bar and Grill
  Admin Address........ 235 n. third st.
  Admin Address........
  Admin Address........ Burr Oak
  Admin Address........ 49091
  Admin Address........ MI
  Admin Address........ UNITED STATES

  Admin Email..........
  Admin Phone..........
  Admin Fax............
Tech Name............ Hillcrest Bar and Grill


Sherry1.jpg (63440 bytes)
Here are some screenshots
of her website...

Sherry2.jpg (44044 bytes)
Good thing I got these because she already took it down!

Sherry3.jpg (39130 bytes)
How many websites do you have now Sherry?

Sherry4.jpg (32337 bytes)
If you make a Bad Breeders page on this site, be sure and include yourself.!

Sherry's Quick Fix ...
after seeing that she is exposed!!! Compare her new page entry (right) to the old screen shot ! Her additional information connecting the 2nd website to the first was added within hours of it being reported here.

Sherry1.jpg (63440 bytes)    QuickFix.jpg (68110 bytes)
  Old Screen Shot      New Screen Shot  
            2-15-06 to 2-26-06 
          after 2-26-06                  





2004-about me page-by Sherry Andrews

"I have a solid golden reputation, and NEVER want it tarnished.  This is extremely important to me, and also crucial in breeding."

Then quit peeing on everyone else...

2004-about me page-by Sherry Andrews
"I have been told that I show very strong opinions on my web site"~
 Sherry Andrew's understatement of the year.

2004-about me page-by Sherry Andrews
"There is a breeder that has a website that spays and neuters before 8 weeks...
COME ON PEOPLE !!! DO not fall for this....I don't care WHAT the humane society says, this is cruel and dangerous.  
This breeder is selfish, money hungry

has a huge kennel,
  she is listed in  
she is in this for the money
...PERIOD...any vet will tell you this is wrong, and she claims to be a christian...
what a joke she is !!!" 

~ Sherry Andrews
" this is what high ethics and morals produce"

2004-about me page
by Sherry Andrews
"There is another website that sells imperials, there is also pictures of the parents on this site, the parents are deceased !!! Figure THAT one out....this breeder also has a reputation of buying a dog from a shelter or puppy mill, trying to make it look good, and then either selling it for top dollar with fake papers, or selling the pups of the dog also at top dollar"  

"her dogs are sickly looking and she does it for the money and not the love..."

"I am going to ripoff to tell the world about her,"...

"she is a bitch and a horrible breeder"

"good luck trying to trash me"

"my reputation is flawless"

"I am glad this is all out in the open, and it does not matter one bit what is posted about me anywhere here on the" net. "
by Sherry Andrews

2004-Internet Laws Updated-written by Sherry Andrews about Marie Timmerman: 
by Sherry Andrews

"So to you all that have people stealing things off your site, it is not legal, and is now punishable by law.  This happens SO often, more than you may think.
People like this,
 that have nothing better to do in their lives but trash others is a very sad situation. 
She not only shows her lack of intelligence  
on her site, but she advertises poorly. 
She makes fun of people and she really needs to clean up her own back yard."

Sherry, what about my snow globes you stole and put on your website??? Oh I keep forgetting, you always have an excuse for anything that you get caught doing that is not ethical . 

by Sherry Andrews
"I posted NO lies on the bb site,
  I only posted letters sent to me,  
I was in no way to blame. 
My ONLY regret about the badbreeder site, is that I
 was hoping these bad breeders would listen and take care of business,
to stop mass producing, spaying and neutering at 7 weeks old which is HORRIBLE as 22 vets and univerities have backed me up on, by selling those sickly tinies, and by ripping of good people."

Sherry Slander Hard At Work


(How To Slander Other Breeders and Not Get Caught)
by Sherry Andrews
My phone number is 269-489-9077.  I will also connect you to some of the people that have sent in those bad breeder letters, you want truth, you can have it, but by phone ONLY.  You will be blown away at the stories of these breeders and their dealings.  If we honest breeders can save even ONE person from buying from these horrible breeders, we have done what we set out to do.  Its one thing to not always have perfection as these are living little creatures, but to purposely breed KNOWING of faults, these are the breeders we are talking about.I will not do this by email, since I have learned how everything can be made up, edited, or lied about, so I want to bypass all of the possible false communication that COULD occur. A phone call is honest, and so is caller ID. "

The above is my feelings exactly.  I think a puppy that is spayed or neutered at the tender age of 7 weeks old like Karen DeAngelo does, is cruel, abusive, and ignorant, and 
Karens vet is a qua
 My vet is caring and loving, and her concern is for the well being of the animal, and not her bank accout, too bad 
Karens vet is one of those bad vets,
just like
  Karen is a bad breeder.    

I  must have My Cake and Eat It Too

~ by Sherry Andrews

If you want more facts about Karen DeAngelo,
call me,
 I can tell you why she is the worst breeder ever,
which includes her diseased kennel, 
full of cocciddia,

and her dogs that she sold and would not replace last year that had RENAL DISPLASIA ! "

"I have a solid golden reputation, and NEVER want it tarnished.  This is extremely important to me, and also crucial in breeding."

Thought for the day: The relative anonymity of the Internet continually fosters a culture where people like Sherry can create an image of themselves that far outweighs their actual importance in life.

It is apparent to me that Sherry thinks the people out there are 
STUPID and IGNORANT of her misconduct. 

 Karen  is a respected breeder patronized over 20 years by many wonderful  Americans and Canadians, lawyers, doctors (including vets), an Ambassador,  a White House photographer,  many teachers,  the Sheriff of Rhode Island, many police officers,  private investigators,  Investigator for the NY State Attorney Generals Office, and even missionaries. ... People who are smart and have a good judge of character.

 Karen is considered  an expert on shih-tzu health by many, and she attends educational seminars on a regular basis to gain knowledge of the newest findings related to canine health issues.

 FYI, after Glory Ridge was struck with RD from a FOREIGN import stud in 2003, Karen has volunteered intense co-operation and contributed research data for ASTC Kidney Research (and she is about to obtain a zero marker stud puppy from the head of that organization) 
to help detect a genetic link for renal disease.  All related dogs (to the foreign import) were immediately removed from Karen's breeding program and placed in pet homes. Karen DeAngelo of Glory Ridge Shih Tzu NEVER breeds a dog with a known defect of any kind. 

 For Sherry Andrews to state that Karen knowingly breeds shih tzu with known defects is a libelous statement and is way over the line from her precious "free speech" opinions. 

~ by Sherry Andrews
2006: "Karen drugs her puppies when she ships them, and acts like a christian but is really a very evil and sick person.  After I posted my opinion on my site, which I am entitled to by the way, Linda and Karen decided to try to ruin me, but you cannot ruin a good breeder with sound ethics and excellent references which is what I am all about."

" Karen drugs her puppies when she ships them" = LIBEL

"I have a solid golden reputation, and NEVER want it tarnished.  This is extremely important to me, and also crucial in breeding."

2006: ~Sherry Andrews home page
~ by Sherry Andrews

"I will in no way screw you or take advantage of you in any way..."

~ by Sherry Andrews
"The same goes with Elonda Womack, who takes her unwanted pups to shelters and has them killed,  instead of finding them homes.  This is a proven fact..."
(No Sherry, this is LIBEL)

2006-~ by Sherry Andrews
"I soon realized that Karen also has one of the bad vets that do this.  I posted things, negative things about this and about Karens lack of ethics on my website." 
"I am glad this is all out in the open, and it does not matter one bit what is posted about me anywhere here on the net. "

2006: Sherry Andrews home page~
~ by Sherry Andrews
"I have the constitutional right to state my opinion and to name anyone to warn the public as far as a person that I know is either dishonest,
acts illegally, or has broken the code of ethics for being a moral and decent breeder" 

 2006: Bad Breeder Page
~ by Sherry Andrews
but Karen has slandered me, and is now the best buddy of Elonda Womack who is being investigated by not only the police due to her threats, but the American Express Company for the fraud she has done."

2006~ by Sherry Andrews
"They have posted bad stories from fake email address posing as others, and if you don't already know that emails call all be falsfied, they can.  They have changed the headers, the names and even the dates.  They have tried to damage my great and honorable reputation."

The RipOff Report Star
Tells You How To Do It

2006 ~ by Sherry Andrews
"In cyberspace, anything can be written about anyone, and although it can look real, it can be very damaging even when it is fake. Try it yourself, you can sign in to yahoo or other free email services and be someone else, with a fake name, address, and phone number, and that is what is so scary about the internet."

 I encourage all of you that have a story about Linda , Karen, and Elonda, to send it to the bad breeders site.  I have some letters from people that I have been saving to post, and I am going to post them there.

"I have nothing to hide, my dogs are fantastic, and I have had no diseases in my bloodlines to date!! " 

2006 ~ by Sherry Andrews
"Cyberspace is free speech, and anyone can write anything to hurt their competition, which is why these breeders are attacking me the way they are."

Where is the free speech that is hurting you Sherry? YOU have written all the quotes on this page...that speech is directly from you. My few disgusted comments about you have not hurt your reputation. You have hurt your own reputation. It is high time you took ownership of your own behavior.

......"that just proves how great my dogs and my reputation is"....

Egoism is Self-Respect gone wild.
"God Bless you all, and have a nice day !

SHERRY SLANDER Doing What She Does BEST2006 ~ by Sherry Andrews

"I could go on and on about the policies of Karen, keeping her dogs locked in rabbit pens, and Linda Balogh and her tiny dogs that are not so healthy as I have been told and Linda also keeping peoples hundreds of dollars if they cancel on her, but I am going to stop here.  I encourage all of you that have a story about Linda , Karen, and Elonda, to send it to the bad breeders site. 
It is my opinion that Linda, Karen, and Elonda are a disgrace to the breeding world. " 

2006 ~ by Sherry Andrews
A Few More Backstabbing Jabs At Linda

"I promised Linda I would sell her back to her, and I kept my word. So Linda got her back as we agreed, and she is now being bred to death by Linda
 Maggie did not have cocciddia, and I have the copy of the vet document to prove this. Maggie got this AFTER she got at Lindas home....hhhmmm...sanitation problems Linda" ??????

The Many Faces Of Sherry
...About Maggie

2005 ~ by Sherry Andrews-One Face

Posted on her website...
"This is Maggie Mae, she is going to be a great mom in a year or so provided she gets to be big enough. She will be on the lighter end of the AKC standard, 9 pounds we are hoping for. Stay tuned, this little girl is personality galore !"
To Linda from Sherry: "I have made mistakes, and breeding your Maggie at 7 months old was one of them."..

...About Maggie... on the Bad Breeders Website
2006~ by Sherry Andrews-The Other face
"The dog I bought from Linda was a problem from day one, she was barky and hyper and must have been caged, on the way home I regretted buyng her but knew that Linda would throw a fit if I wanted to return her..... the personality of this dog was one of cage rage."

"Poor Maggie
... She is not a good shihtzu, she has a horrible personality and a horrible temperament. "

Note: Sherry bought Maggie as a young puppy. A puppy does not have cage rage, what an asinine statement.

Sherry's Revolving Deposit Policies
Sherry Andrew's is very quick to criticize other breeders for their deposit policies. She is constantly changing her policy because she is NOT an established breeder with firm policies that work for her. Her policies are based on what her competition is offering. She either copies their policies, or she offers the opposite policy and then trashes them for their policies. To me, this shows how novice she is and how unsure she is of her own policies. There is nothing wrong with being a novice, everyone has to start somewhere, BUT, when the novice Sherry trashes other established breeders for differing policies to promote herself then it is not only hypocritical but it is UNETHICAL...
by Sherry Andrews~ "Linda also will keep $200 OF YOUR HARD EARNED MONEY, if you change your mind about her pups. This is illegal and internet fraud, but Linda does this and gets away with it."
by Sherry Andrews~ "Many breeders have a fee if you cancel your puppy, this in my opinion is theft"
by Sherry Andrews~ "Watch for non refundable deposit policies.  This is wrong, illegal, and immoral.   If you buy something anywhere else and change your mind, you get your money back,. This should be the same with a puppy so do yourself a favor and read the entire website, and all of the guarantee !!!  Don't be pressured in to keeping a puppy that you have either changed your mind about, or cannot afford. No one should keep your deposit, its just not right !!!"


 by Sherry Andrews"Full registration is available to the person who is an approved home. DEPOSITS ARE NON REFUNDABLE, SO PLEASE BE SURE YOU WANT A PUPPY....ITS TOO HARD ON THEM TO BOUNCE THEM AROUND IF YOU CHANGE YOUR MIND...."


 by Sherry Andrews ."Deposits are non - refundable.  I will however be fair, and if puppy is returned to me, with all previous paper work, vet records, AKC papers, and in the same condition as when you got puppy, I may refund your money.  This will be done on and individual basis.  I must however insist, that puppy be checked by MY vet, before I refund any monies.  I will also do this within 3 days of receiving puppy back, just as I required of you..."
 by Sherry Andrews"I will refund any deposit for puppy if you change your mind.  Things happen in life, and it is wrong for any breeder to keep your deposit.  WHY on earth would I want to keep your money when a hardship has come into your life.  You will find that I am very easy to deal with.  I would never keep your money, especially when you have run into difficulties or hard times.  Buying a puppy should be a joy in your life, and one with no stress. I will do everything in my power to make that happen for you , as my customers will testify to also !!!  I have never kept anyone's money, for any reason and this is something you can count on !!!"
I only hold your money-by Sherry Andrews
if you should for any reason happen to return your puppy.  I simply must have puppy vet checked but it is in my signed guarantee, that once pup is ok, and all paper work is returned to me, I will issue you a cash refund if this occurs within 10 days.

by Sherry Andrews-"After delivery day, you then have a 10 day money back  guarantee, after that, it is puppy replacement only. Please know your breeders policies before you buy, way too many breeders are greedy and you really should read their entire guarantee before you purchase."  

Hypocritical Statement of the Year
by Sherry Andrews:
"It is unfortunate that we breeders don't stick together as we should, but it does not happen that way, this is too competitive and in reality, there is room for us all !"

How does Sherry Andrews have "100's of references" when she has only been breeding for a short time? Is she a puppy mill? !!!! 

Sherry Andrews~~ " I have literally hundreds of customers"

"Welcome to Heavenstzus Home breeder with a few pups a year.

Quality, healthy, loving temperaments, and beauty are my priorities !
I am a home breeder in central Michigan,
I have quality pups a few times a year."
BUT then....
From 02/06/2005 webpage..
How to tell a Good Breeder from a Bad Breeder:
"I have a form that my vet fills out for a top to bottom exam at their 6 week check up.  It starts at the top of their little head and goes down to their toes."

  OOOPS..your vet forgot to check those deadly pinched nostrils...must be you didn't have that on your "important list" to check!!!!...

"It covers ALL the aspects of a great shihtzu, a fecal sample is taken and evaluated.  THIS is where you find worms, cocci, and other parasites.  Worms CAN still be there, as eggs still can hatch at 8 weeks old, but should be minimal.
 I just had 19 pups to the vet, "...

that's your idea of a few???....and that makes you a small home breeder and not a puppy mill????!!!!


Well here we are again adding more about the slanderous deeds of Sherry Andrews (AKA Sherry Slander)
Why bother? Because we will fight back each and every time that she starts back up, and she can't seem to get along with other breeders on the net. This page has been up a little over 1 year, not 3 years like Sherry states, and the only purpose of this page is to expose the CYBER BULLY SHERRY who cannot seem to stop with her idiotic assaults on Karen and other breeders who she attacks by publishing false and inaccurate information about them and their practices in an attempt to discredit them..

How true that statement is, she just does not stop. Her latest shitty thing to do is to publish a page on how to recognize a good breeder, and she titles the page with a trashy insult complete with Karen's full name. Within her website, the hypocrite proclaims:

"I am taking all negative things off my site in regards to any more breeder battles. I refuse to take part in the games of the deceitful and evil breeders like these two breeders who consistently try to downgrade so many breeders as they have done to make a sale. " by Sherry Andrews April 2007


After reviewing all of the latest "expert" information on Sherry's website, I decided to interview Karen, the breeder that Sherry constantly attacks with slanderous remarks, and to allow Karen to respond the the allegations and conflicting information that spews from Sherry's website rants. Please read the following interview of Karen DeAngelo a shih tzu breeder who has raised over 450 AKC Shih Tzu litters since her breeding program began in 1986.

Karen has studied and experienced a wide range of shih-tzu diseases and genetics and was asked by a veterinarian to write a book on the genetic color combinations of shih-tzu.  She is known to be a willing educator to breeders of all dogs on her website that has been on the www since 1997.   Here she was willing to give me the time to answer some very serious questions about shih-tzu and the allegations against her by Sherry Andrews for the past 3 years.

  1. Karen, Sherry Andrews has a vendetta to destroy your reputation by stating you are an animal abuser because you spay and neuter at 7 weeks of age causing long term complications of dogs health. How do you respond to this?

    ANSWER:  Where does she get this?  Where is her proof? Where are her statistics?  I HAVE THEM! I have been neutering for 13 years, so I would know if there was long term effects.  We have been spaying for 5 years. No problems. Not ONE death, not one case of cancer, not one problem. I have AKC litter records since the first litter I bred. WHERE ARE HER FACTS?  

2.   Sherry has suggested you write false letters on your reference page and on ripp-off report on her. Please respond.

      Answer:  I used to post the e-mail addresses of my customers until Sherry used this information to write them and harass them, and they asked me to remove their addresses so “this nut” won’t bother us.  As far as ripp-off goes,  I don’t believe one thing I have ever read on that junk site because I see the lies they write about me claiming to be customers. There is no accountability to truth on that site. Why would I waste my time on junk like ripp-off? 

3.    Sherry accuses other breeder of stealing her photos and such.  Has she ever stolen off you?

ANSWER:  I am not aware of her stealing my photos, but she steals my ideas and articles (revamps them some) and tries to act educated on matters of shih-tzu when the truth is she is a copy-cat with no originality at all as far as I can see.  She has lifted articles from several big organizations to fill her pages and I am surprised they don’t sue her.


4. Sherry claims Continental Airlines is the only good air fleet.  Please respond.

ANSWER:  They are air conditioned in the heat and shih-tzu cannot be shipped over 75 degrees.  Other airlines do not want to meet that standard and refuse shipments in the heat.  I use a Professional Travel Agent that is contracted with the airlines to book all my flights and find me the fastest route.  I only use Continental in the heat because I have found some flights to take 16 hours with layovers and I refuse to ship a pup that way.
  I sat in on the USDA ADVISORY BOARD as the NW Rep for the Missouri Pet Breeders Association (the largest in the USA) along with the Humane Society and the Airline Reps years ago discussing what the rules should be for shipping canine.  This is a severely regulated procedure to ship dogs and taken VERY seriously by ALL participating airlines because the fines for breaking the rules are HUGE!   



Sherry has come against Delta because someone didn’t like the rules when bringing a pet in with them.  DO YOU want some foul smelling pooping puppy in the seat next to you on board your flight, perhaps howling, and not allowed to be removed from the crate? THAT”S the RULES.  Live with it.   It is illegal for us breeders to drug the dog to ship it (which she also has accused me of doing) but it is NOT illegal for YOU to get a medicine from your vet to make the dog sleep on your accompanied  flight or simply give it a little Benedryl liquid. Will you see that tip next week on her site?

5. Karen, we have noted the statements Sherry makes on her site about various situations and would like YOUR EXPERT opinion on the matters.  We will highlight Sherry's responses.

  What color will my puppy be when grown?

Sherry’s ANSWER:  "Shihtzus unfortunately fade as they grow up.  The very dark ones that you see on some sites as pups, do not stay that color usually.  I never guarantee color because they change too much.  I breed with color in my blood line, but nothing is concrete in the color department!  Color should not be your priority when you buy a shihtzu, health protocol and temperament should be what you look for in a great puppy!"


           Karen:  Some shih-tzu indeed fade when they grow up or completely change color unless you breed carefully for color.  I concentrated on great quality dogs the first few years and then went after color.  Now we have great quality that can stay deep color.  Certain color causes certain problems in health. Breeders won’t listen and the near future will be a genetic disaster about to explode. 
Should I get a male or a female?

Sherry’s ANSWER:  "Many say a female is best.  Search the web, ask your friends, but males are so loving, tender hearted , and sweet, and they really get a bad rap.  Females are more on the stubborn side and have its what you prefer, but please never rule out a male, you might just rule out the best loving pet you ever had!"


                 Karen: Males are more loving BUT will hike their leg all over your house if you wait to neuter them at 5 months. They will hump and roam if left intact.  We safely neuter males at 2 lbs and NEVER have this occur.

I see you refund within 10 days, why don't other breeders do this?


 Sherry’s ANSWER: " I really don't know why breeders have this no refund policy.  Its just not ethical in my world !  Why would I want you to keep puppy if in 10 days it does not seem right for you.......just like anything else I guess, money rules all.    Go with what a website is saying, and talk to the breeder you are considering, if you see there is a no refund policy, do what your gut tells you.   I do not want my puppy with you if you do not want puppy...I will find a new loving home where puppy is wanted...its just that simple, and there will be no hard feelings!"

  Karen: WOOOO DOGGIE!  This is INSANE! WHY would you take a dog back that may be exposed to PARVO and reintroduce it into your brood?  I just read this on her site bashing vets:

"We NO longer honor our guarantee if ANY vet takes YOUR new puppy out of your view at the 48 hour wellness check up, not for ANY reason........there are bad vets, like there are bad doctors,  bad breeders, and bad policiticans....KNOW what you are doing, KNOW about your vet, KNOW about vaccines, and KNOW about puppy ailments and disease before you purchase a puppy ..and although we worm your puppy 3-4 times, there can still be a worm not hatched...pups are BORN with worms..and pups are fragile and do get puppy ailments at times..."



6. Sherry states AKC is the best registry, but also dual registers UABR. Please respond.

    Karen: UA What?  Talk out of both sides of the mouth I guess.  I dual registered for awhile to keep cost down but didn’t like the papers they sent me.  No really,  I prefer AKC and KNOW the customer KNOWS they are getting what I claim they are getting because our studs are DNA’d.  

 This is Sherry’s QUOTE, YOU DECIDE!

“Akc is the cadillac of registeries, first because they have been around for a long  and have set high standards,  secondly, they are the only purebred registry that has Dna done so that you can prove parentage at any time...this is so very important.  There are other registeries out there, but none with the awesome reputation as AKC.....this is the only true purebred registry. Other registeries are started mostly because breeders have gotten caught in some way by being an unethical breeder and have been kicked out of AKC, or they join those other registeries because they can get away with breeding mutts. It is also unfortunate that the bad breeders have figured out how to forge Akc papers but you can ask that any puppy be Dna'd to prove parentage. “


 7.  Below we have Sherry’s statements on how to choose an ethical/reputable breeder.... and would like to know your thoughts.

  Karen: Well, as usual for Sherry, some things are way off base.  I mainly get my clients from repeat customers and referrals and little advertising anymore.  People are so leery of the net and they should be.  She seems to think people will trust HER if she bashes everyone else. I honestly don’t know how she sells a dog!  But people do still go to pet shops and I guess it’s not surprising that people would go to Sherry.  She states that breeders that are a huge success are threatened by “newbies” and go after them on the net. This is ludicrous!  I know ONE “newbie” that thought she’s become the LEAD DOG by attacking GLORY RIDGE 3 years ago on the net. Now she has a “whole pack” of breeders after HER!  She bit first and people are fed up!  I took her abuse 2 years before I even acknowledged she existed on the web after my friends got fed up and made the page, Shih-tzu Breeders Fight Back. 

      Sherry states a great breeder won’t just have great photos.  Guess that’s because GLORY RIDGE won the top shih-tzu website photo award for 2006 and 2007.  Oh yea, and we do not steal photos to get them. :)  I don’t have to insignia my photos because people recognize a Glory Ridge face and have contacted me in the past when they have seen one of my photos on someone else’s sight. 

     Sherry is warped on puppy mills.  States the biggest ones are in Missouri and Arkansas.
Missouri is the most regulated State in the Union and other States look to Missouri as experts in controlling the problem kennels.  It is obvious Sherry knows NOTHING of USDA RULES and should try reading them before she shoots her mouth off as this:

When a breeder brags about USDA lincense ,I cringe....This orgnization is so lenient that a tiny cage with 5 dogs covered in feces and urine is approved by this orgnization.  So do not let a usda license fool you.”


 She can’t even spell license.  I know MANY USDA Licensed Kennels and they under go inspections from USDA, MO State ASPHIS, AKC and their Vet.   RULES are TOUGH and constantly changing and it COSTS a lot to be USDA.  SERIOUS FULL TIME  breeders are largely USDA.  Missouri also has a BLUE RIBBON KENNEL PROGRAM for those who are cream of the crop. This program is so strict that bio safety measures on the grounds must be maintained.  


8. Sherry claims you are not a Christian and use your religion as a sales tactic. Please respond.

    Karen:  If Glory Ridge Shih-tzu went out of business tomorrow, the GLORY RIDGE site would still go on to proclaim the WORD of GOD and encourage people in their lives.  Jesus

Told us Believers that people would hate us because of Him.  I don’t depend on shih-tzu to feed me, I depend on Christ.   She does not understand being in the state she is in. I pray for her to become a follower of Christ.  It will pay off…maybe as a  Believer she would leave me alone!



The following email was sent to me by another Shih Tzu breeder who is currently under attack by Sherry Slander the Cyber Bully of Shershihtzu. The catalyst of her attack sounds all too familiar.
"This woman never attacked me until after I refused to sell her a tiny chocolate girl on full AKC registration last year. "
Same shit she did to Karen on...
"I am writing to you about Sherry Andrews. My name is Tonya Ramirez, I own
I spoke with Karen about a problem I am having with Sherry Andrews and she suggested that I send you an email with facts.
Sherry Andrews is accusing me of stealing her pictures to sell my puppies with. You are welcome to visit my site and see that I have NO reason to steal any of her low quality dog pictures to sell my puppies.
This woman has accused me of everything from being a broker to a puppymill to a picture thief. She also slandered the fact that I live in a double wide mobile home on her own website. She also posted false emails that she made up with no headers on her website.
She is saying that I stole her female dog Mandy's picture and posted it as the father to my puppies on puppyfind. The picture in my ad is MY own male Kona. I have attached the same picture for you to see. The picture I have attached was taken by and can be verified by Danielle Samuleson at Empress Shihtzu.   She took the picture and gave it to me right before she shipped my dog Kona to me that I purchased from her. And you can verify that in fact this dog is mine and that Danielle took the picture for me to place on my website and use to sell his puppies with.
Now why would I degrade my own breeding program with the nice dogs that I own, by replacing their pictures with the huge low quality dogs she owns?
I have never been involved in any breeder wars etc. This woman never attacked me until after I refused to sell her a tiny chocolate girl on full AKC registration last year.
It wasn't because I knew her or knew all of the bad things she has done to other breeders, It was simply because the puppy would not have been big enough for anyone to breed. She stated that she had a tiny male at that time that would breed perfectly with her. I said no as I have to many others before and this is what happens.
This woman is a liar and her slander has to be stopped. I heard someone refer to her the other day as a "Nut case" Well I must say I really think the name fits well.
Thank you very much.
Tonya Ramirez


The dog in this first photo BELONGS to TONYA !!!


Below is the dog Sherri says is THIS dog:
Sherry is accusing Tonya of stealing the photo in the ad below...
ANYONE can SEE the quality of the TOP DOG FAR EXCEEDS the quality of  Sherry's dog -see ad photo. The Sherhihtzu dog has a white chin, white chest, black beard, beeting eyes,
long nose and appears RED in the photo, not even chocolate!

Latest Sherry Slander Rant...

"Please be aware of what you are buying and from whom, there are MANY unethical and immoral photos are STILL being stolen by a breeder in South Carolina/bordering Georgia that is saying MY dogs are HER moms and dads to sell her pups.........if you see ANY of my dogs or pups on puppyfind in  the shihtzu or chinese imperial category please contact me immediately, or my dogs used in other advertisements as well.......just goes to show how many very bad breeders are out there........don't hesitate to call me about who this person is...and I thank you for your kindness, especially you nice people that are warning me about this person!  I am still amazed at what the low life breeders will do to make a sale...please beware......
The emails below were sent to me to warn me, and I truly appreciate  the information as this is the THIRD time this breeder has stolen my pictures because she has poor quality dogs and feels this is the ONLY way she can sell her pups...I will pray for her as she needs some help both spiritually and with her mental health as well !!!
I will not get into a dispute with this low class breeder and MANY of you already know who she is...this person is not worth my time .  To sue her would take valuable time away from my dogs and family, and she will not be allowed to invade my life or my energies ever again.   My dogs are great, loving, and are home bred with lots of love as we are not a commercial kennel.....hubby and I just celebrated our 27th anniversary yesterday so this puppymill breeder will not be allowed to upset me......I am having too much fun raising my own gorgeous babies  and a  breeder and her dogs and pups speak for themselves as you can read here from my true shihtzu families....I  am very blessed to have my pups go to the loving homes that they live in now, and I LOVE what I do, and it shows in my happy customers and my quality breeding ethics!"

Posted by Sherry Andrews on her webpage 5-17-07 


May 27, 2007...

News Flash!!! Sherry is now dabbling in multiple breeds...And she appears to be
offering a rescue Coton De Tulear for $200 on her shih tzu site...but if you check out her
new Havanese site she is also offering this same Coton De Tulear for $600.00!!!!!!!

This is the home page of Sherry Andrews new Havanese site...

And on her Havanese web site she states:

Sherry states : "WE BREED WITH ETHICS"...check out her ethics below!!!
Screen shots from her Havanese web site on 5/27/07

Appears to me that these are all of the same dog. Let's see, take three pictures, use three names, and pretend to be selling three
different dogs...yeah that makes it appear that you are selling your breeding stock and not some poor rescue you want to make a buck off of.
Ethics with Greed we Breed

Okay, notice Baxter the male she is selling for $600.00... more about him below...

Here is an example of Sherry Andrews ETHICS...
Screen shots from her shih tzu web site on 5/27/07

Read about Mason on her shih tzu site, Mason is a rescue she is trying to find a home for...
Mason the rescue Coton De Tulear $200.00
Baxter the breeding male she purchased and is selling $600.00

This is the SAME DOG she is selling on both sites!!!!!!!!!!! Check out the tail and back foot, also the front feet are identical.
Sherry how sneaky of you. And yes, this does illustrate just how ethical you are. I rest my point.


Look closely at the screen shots of both dogs feet...they are the same dog. Shame on you Sherry...
Sounds like you belong on your Prisoners of Greed page for selling a rescue ...