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A daily journal of  the continued attempt by Sherry Andrews to try and force her uneducated and outdated breeding experience on the general public. 


It seems Sherry does her best to try and criticize and belittle my dogs, but she loves the way I promote them. So much in fact she is copying my ideas!! At the beginning of the year I published a page concerning the economy and my puppy prices, This week in February she has the exact same page on her site with some poorly worded changes to try and claim the idea as hers.. Surf on by our sites and check it out.. Too funny!!! 

Note To Shery: Again, Please, Try concentrating on your own business and leave mine alone!!!


Total false and unfounded rant by Sherry Andrews 

Before you purchase a puppy anywhere, please read about the downsized shihtzu below ...... also read the dangers of spaying and neutering TOO young here!  If you want a gorgeous and healthy shihtzu, you have come to the right place.  We NEVER have surgery done on our babies for selfish gain, nor do we downsize this wonderful breed which only causes severe health issues later on!  A shihtzu  must be between 9-16 pounds to be considered a purebred shihtzu!  Those that sell the tinies, imperials, teacups, chinese imperials, and trinkets have ruined this breed and have caused many heartbreaks in families.....BEWARE of anything under AKC standards, someone somewhere  has made this tiny shihtzu by putting SOMETHING in the bloodlines and are charging a huge price but beware..... this kind of shihtzu will not be a healthy pet.....some very unethical breeders are doing this and are ruining this woderful breed....anything under 9 pounds is simply a runt which should be discounted and NEVER have the price increased due to health problems down the road, if anything this type of breeding should be stopped because it is resulting in many sick puppies, some that just plain die extremely young....don't be fooled.........ask your vet, ask AKC, and read below...not my opinion but facts....
and btw, when you see postings about me on the net that are lies, consider the source. The breeders that are making these web pages about me are the breeders that either spay and neuter at 7 weeks old, or have downsized the shihtzu....they don't like me telling YOU the truth, so they have made up some pretty crazy stories...  :)
Have a wonderful day, and I hope wherever you get your new puppy, that you do your homework and please stay within AKC standards...this will help greatly in you getting a healthy Shihtzu!!

Click here for some FACTS on early spay and neuter


Sherry has removed all rants and slander from her site today except this little paragraph buried deep inside her website.

There are some very unethical and evil breeders that have posted many bad and false things about me on the net due to their jealousy and insecurities.  Please call me if you have any questions,  and read my TRUE letters of happiness from my many past customers here!  My customers say it all for me!!!

God bless us everyone!

still insisting this is over jealousy!  What an ego!!!!!!!!