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Internet Confession By Sherry Andrews


                                                     This below was posted on her
                                                    BAD BREEDERS SITE Jan. 22, 2006...
               after she called me on my cell Jan .20TH 2006 AT 7:12am CST and left this message after I posted her filthy evil deeds of conspiring to send me that used condom by US mail in 2005....

 "Yea, Karen, this is Sherry and I sent you no condom, ummmm, you are going to have to prove this now because there is going to be a postmark. I don't know anybody, I don't know anything about this one and it is an outright lie and my attorney has been contacted. Have a good day."
Then Sherry posts this on her site. So WHO is a LIAR here?
Last year sometime, a breeder by the name of Donna Thompson from California went on a rampage about Karen also.  She and I became friends due to our anger at the things Karen does.

From caging her animals, to over breeding her females, to of course the early spay and neuter of her puppies.

Donna fought with Karen and  Donna at that time,  decided then that she wanted to get Karen back and to get even with her.  Donna first asked me to promise to keep what she was about to do private, and I did.  I then heard the unbelievable, Donna told me she had sent Karen a condom, and a letter about her nursing license being suspended and her husband having an affair.  Donna is a licenced investigator in the state of California and although  I did not like it, I knew Donna was going to get even with Karen.  Low and behold, last year I saw Karen blaming me for both the condom and the investigation on Karens website, but blamed me for doing it.  I talked to Donna breifly about this, and then it was dropped, I let it go and soon Karen took it off her website.

Karen is now stating on her website that I did this malicious thing, Karen is blaming me for sending her this condom and letter, good grief, I never used a condom in my I called my now x friend Donna.

I begged her to come forward with the truth, she said she called Karen anynomously and told her that I did not do this and she knew who did, but she did not come clean with this.  Karen is not going to believe an anynomous call, I woudn't either....

Needless to say, that is the end of Donna and my friendship.  I told her (Donna) that I was being blamed for the sent condom and the letter, and Donna said that she could not tell the truth because Karen would harass her...below is an email from Donna, she sent this to me and the only proof I have.   I told Donna I did not want to loose our friendship over this, but since she will not come forward, I am forced to post this email to prove my innocence. 



Sent: Friday, January 20, 2006 2:08 PM

Subject: Re: karen

No you wont lose my friendship over this, I will tell her I sent the condom and I don't blame you for any of it. I don't want to lose your friendship either. I think you are a wonderful person decent and honest and I cant believe she is still treating you like this for trying to expose her crap she does with her dogs and people she sells to who complain. I don't even keep an eye on her site anymore I am finished with her. I thought surely by now she had given up her crusade against you. I guess not....  And from what I found her nursing license looks like it was suspended, who knows for what reason...  I have to get to work now, but I will be home later after 4 or 5 I will try to think of what to say while I am out today taking some pics for my Boss and then maybe I can call her tonight.  I will even take her number with me and if I come up with a good speak I will call her while I am out.

 So the above is now posted here, so the truth does prevail.  I did not want to break my promise to Donna, but this has gotten out of hand, and this is a very sick thing to do, and I had no part of this.  Yes, I talked about Karens ways on my site, and yes, I totally disagree with her breeding tactics as I feel she has no morals, integrity, or ethics, but what Donna did was wrong, and I even think may be illegal.

If pursued, and if Karen still has the letter and the condom, it can all be supoened and be proven, but since Karen will not talk to me, I cannot find out if she still  has the evidence....

 Now, back to the letter I wrote Karen at Christmas time, since I have proof that I did not send the condom, nor did I do a background check on Karen, I feel good that

I wrote the letter to Karen from a good heart, and it was sent sincerely to end our battle.  However, the truth is that Karen would not accept this letter, and is now making fun of it.  It does not really matter now, and by Karen posting my appology on her site, and she making fun of it really tells who is the good and christian person here and its not Karen.


I can sleep at night, and truly tried to end this breeder war, but Karen has slandered me, and is now the best buddy of Elonda Womack who is being investigated by not only the police due to her threats, but the American Express Company for the fraud she has done. You can read about that here also.


It was time for me to write this, as I am being slandered all over the net with lies, its sad, but can be done easily here in cyberspace.  Any email can be changed, andy header of an email can be changed, and there are many ways that people hurt each other, and yahoo and hotmail the free email servers are a lot to blame.  There you can sign in under a fake name and address, which is why I only sell my pups now by phone.


Thank you for posting this letter, and although Karen, and Elonda have tried to hurt me, God does know who is honest here.  I am sorry my friendship with Donna ended, but she was disappointing when she would not come clean on what she did and is not honest, and what I am taking the blame for.  Donna is a shihtzu breeder in California, and its sad to say, that she is not to be trusted.


I am glad this is all out in the open, and it does not matter one bit what is posted about me anywhere here on the net.  I have my vet as a great reference, and more customers than any breeder anywhere that are extremely happy with not only the pups they buy from me, but their purchase from me is stress free, and I treat them all with the utmost respect, not just for the sale, but for many years to come.  I have many friends now that have purchased pups from me, I feel blessed that this is the way it is here at Shershihtzus.  Its about selling puppies, but its just as important for me to be there after the sale, to know my pups are safe, loved, and healthy....God Bless us All..


I have now permanently blocked Karen De Angelo, Elonda Womack, Laverne Diamond (one of Karens followers) and all hate mail that Karen has had sent to me. I have also deleted Karens website from my files, never to return there again.   My priority is God, my husband and my wonderful and healthy shihtzus.  Thanks again to the many wonderful

wishes, emails, and phone calls from great people who know the honest truth, and that truth does prevail. As my site states, I will still

pray for Elonda and Karen, that their jealousy and hatred will be

converted to love and compassion.  Please pray for that also, they

really do need some guidance......


Sherry Andrews


call if you have any questions....I will be happy to talk with you !  

Note From Karen:
This women is malicious . 
I am fed up with her activities to harm me and others and am exposing her so you will know the

truth about her, should you choose to get involved with her.
I have been a Licensed Nurse since 1975. I have never been suspended.
I won 1st Place in the 1975 NY State VICA Contest for Nursing and
also 1st place in the United States Skill Olympics for Nurses, 1975.
She also states I am an animal abuser because of our early spay and neuter practice which is FAR MORE humane than a MAJOR surgery at 6 months or older.
Please read the LATEST FACTS I have compiled for you HERE and not some 
OLD report she lists to GAIN YOUR SALE.
She has tried so hard to stop my business and COPY everything I do with my own originally 
on my site. 

 I am  a victim of this cyber-bullie.
Because court costs are high I didn't sue.
Finally after 2+ years of abuse,
friends of
lory Ridge had enough and created this page:

Sherry needs to KNOW people will NOT tolerate her behavior!
DO write her and CALL her and TELL her what you think!
Or if you don't want to DARE CROSS her...
VOTE on the page above!


More Lies from Sherry

Sherry says on her FAQ page on her website, the following:

If there is any additional questions you would like answered, just let me know...thanks and have a beautiful day !

1.  How do you determine the price of your pups?

ANSWER:  All of my moms and dads come from healthy champion bloodlines.  I got burned years back by some bad breeders and almost gave up breeding, and then I found just a couple of honest breeders that sold me top of the line dogs for top of the line it is so worth it.  By investing more money and being ever so criticial in the quality of my adults, I have brought many people great pups for pets and also for breeding and the show ring.  So I bring you great pups, from great bloodlines with my constant support both before and after your purchase.  I care very much about my reputation, and do all that is necessary to make your purchase of my pups,  stress free, and I also back my guarantee 100%.  You don't just buy a puppy from me, you buy quality, healthy, and loving, you also buy experience and my lifetime support.

2.  Do you sell shihtzus, or other breeds too?

ANSWER:  No, only quality shihtzus. (liar, liar)


So click here to see her other breed